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Several business and property owners in Garfield Road and surrounds have raised concern regarding the proposed developments of the City of Cape Town MyCiti route which may have a significant impact on the Glosderry CID, in particular, Garfield Road.

Although notices were posted about this development, some businesses may have missed the notices and the relevant closing dates for comments and objections which is tomorrow, 16 July 2021

Copying directly from the Social Impact Report, the following issues have been raised:

Garfield Road-bus turn-around facility

“The construction of the proposed bus turn-around facility in Garfield Road will impact on access to small businesses located along the eastern section of Garfield Road. Any form of extended disruption would have a negative impact on the financial viability of these businesses, which in turn has the potential to result in job losses. In terms of Options, Option 1B will have the most significant impact, followed by Option 1A and Option 1A-Alternative 2. This is due to impact on the central parking area. The impact on the central parking area associated with Option 1A-Alternative 1, the establishment of an embayment area for three buses along the eastern section of Garfield Road near the intersection with Alamein Road, will be significantly lower. Option 1A-Alternative 1, is therefore the preferred option for the establishment of a turn-around facility in Garfield Road.”

In communication with the appointed Heritage Impact Assessment Consultant. They have also noted that the appointed consulting engineers are working on two alternative options for Garfield Road which we will distribute once we receive the same.

We hereby provide links to two relevant documents for your consideration.

Social Impact Assessment Report

C1591-T-P[W1]-017 Layout Plan Sheet 7 of 7_compressed

In addition, several property owners in Garfield Road have already submitted their comments and it would be helpful to communicate with them first, as they will undoubtedly be able to provide a concise summary of their communication with the consultants to date, which can be very helpful.

Please contact Gary from I Love Coffee on 082 575 1493 or Dumitru from Score on 082 480 4712