Strides of progress by GCID

Thanks to the commitment of all who are involved in the Glosderry City Improvement District drive, strides of progress are being made in various ways. 

Problems like illegal dumping and the confiscation of stolen trolleys and wheelie-bins are successfully addressed by the teams. 

The Public Safety issues that are addressed during the day-to-day activities, include problems related to the following:  

  • Illegal Dumping 
  • Engaging with the public (public safety officers engage with all people in the public space to ensure that everyone is aware of the GCID’s presence and activities. This is done in conjunction with and in support of law enforcement officers who oversees such activities. If something suspicious is found, law enforcement officers and/or SAPS act accordingly. 
  • Bin scratching  
  • CCTV visuals followed up if necessary  
  • Trolley and wheelie-bin confiscation 

The Cleaning issues include: 

  • Litter picking 
  • De-weeding 
  • Sweeping streets

tree-cutting 1 removing illegal posters 2 removing illegal posters 1 recycling 6 recycling 5 illegal dumping 3 illegal dumping 2 illegal dumping 1 grass-cutting drain-cleaning 3 drain-cleaning 2 drain-cleaning 1 de-weeding 3 de-weeding 2 de-weeding 1 collecting litter 3 collecting litter 2 collecting litter 1 C3 notifications 2 C3 notifications 1 C3 notification 3

On the Urban management side, the GCID Management continues to log all urban and infrastructure defects as C3* notifications with the City of Cape Town for correction. (*This is a system introduced by the City of Cape Town by which the public can report urban defects / problems / law enforcement issues – to them via various platforms, such as sms (31373 – all issues except electrical and 31220 for electrical issues), call centre (086 103 089) and e-mail. (