Glosderry News – an Update from GCID’s Manager


IN a recent conversation with GCID manager Lennox Leyile, he was asked how Glosderry handled the issue of recycling. He replied that in Glosderry, businesses did their own recycling and any unwanted item in public spaces got bagged and collected by a truck from CCT. 

“Any other item not collected by the council truck, we do a C3 Notification on, or it gets taken to the Council drop-off facility (i.e. the dumping site) in Wynberg,” he said. 

recycling 1 recycling 3 recycling 4 recycling 2


CCTV Cameras 

On the security topic, he was asked whether the GCID had any CCTV security cameras installed yet. 


“No, we are still waiting for the installation of four CCTV Cameras in Glosderry in April this year”, he said. According to him the cameras would be installed at the following intersections: Imam Haron / Wilge, Warrington / Wilge, Garfield / Warrington, and finally Chichester / Doncaster.