Noticeable transformation of Glosderry area

The following report was delivered by Mr Roy Kemmis-Betty, chairperson of Glosderry City Improvement District Board at the annual general meeting on 1 November 2017:

The Glosderry CID is now nearing the end of its initial period of 5 years marked by a noticeable transformation of the Glosderry area in terms of security, cleanliness and the general rehabilitation of the precinct to an attractive, desirable business location.

Recent evaluation of the Glosderry precinct by Geocentric has indicated the improvement within the area in terms of its mandate. In this regard statistics provide the following confirmation:

  • 2011: 58% of property owners rated public safety as being poor;
  • 2017: 94% of property owners rated public safety as being good to excellent, including visibility of public safety officers.
  • 2011: 83% of property owners rated the area as being dirty/unkept;
  • 2017: 91% of property owners rated area as being exceptionally clean.
  • 2011: 86% of property owners expressed concerns about incident of homelessness;
  • 2017: 27% of property owners expressed concerns about incidents of homelessness.

We are in addition extremely happy to welcome Access Park as a member of Glosderry CID. Taking into account their recent upgrading of security fencing, the area now secured is benefitting all of us. Geocentric will patrol the Access Park premises during the day and at night the entire Access Park will be closed.

With your continued support we are hoping to install three security cameras at entrances into the Glosderry area during 2018, which will further enhance security within the precinct. In addition, and should budget permit, a further security camera will be located within Access Park.