Become a member of the Glosderry CID NPC

Membership of the SRA, which is a non-profit company registered under the Companies Act, is open to all the registered property owners who are encouraged to apply for membership so that they may exercise their rights to influence the business of the SRA. Membership cannot be denied to a registered property owner and as a …

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Notice of AGM 2019

Notice is hereby given of the Annual General Meeting of the Glosderry City Improvement District NPC that will take place on the 30 October 2019 at 10:00 at the Conference Room, Pres Les House, 3 Wilge Road, Claremont. Resolutions presented at the AGM can only be voted on by bona fide members of the Glosderry City Improvement District NPC. This …

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MEDIA RELEASE – Mayor Plato announces City’s move to Level 3 ‘recovery’ restrictions

From Saturday 1 December 2018, water restrictions and the associated tariffs will be lowered from Level 5 to Level 3 recovery restrictions, which includes increasing the daily usage from 70 litres per person per day to 105 litres per person per day; or from 500 million litres to 650 million litres of collective usage per …

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Development Management Information (DMI) Guidelines Series

DMI Picture

  DMI Guideline Series – A5 flyer   Full information (content of the booklets) can be downloaded from the following link :

The City of Cape Town draft Budget 2018-2019 comment period is open

The City of Cape Town draft Budget 2018-2019 comment period is open Dear Cape Town residents and businesses  The draft Budget 2018-2019 is available for comment until 16:30 on Friday, 4 May 2018. A budget of R 49.1 billion will be spent in the metropolitan area to ensure that services are maintained, improved and expanded, …

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W57 | STATEMENT BY EXECUTIVE DEPUTY MAYOR: ALD. NEILSON: Let’s keep our water-saving focus Team Cape Town

CITY OF CAPE TOWN   20 MARCH 2018   STATEMENT BY THE CITY’S EXECUTIVE DEPUTY MAYOR, ALDERMAN IAN NEILSON   Let’s keep our water-saving focus, Team Cape Town   As at Monday 19 March 2018, our collective consumption over the past week was 565 million litres of water per day. Unfortunately, usage has increased by …

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Illegal Dumping in the Spotlight

  As in most areas of the Cape Metropole, the problem of illegal dumping also occurs in Glosderry and is one of the main challenges that the GCID has to contend with.  Experience has taught that people are prepared to change but only if they are constantly monitored and warned regarding the consequences of dumping.  Some incidents stem from …

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Strides of progress by GCID

Thanks to the commitment of all who are involved in the Glosderry City Improvement District drive, strides of progress are being made in various ways.  Problems like illegal dumping and the confiscation of stolen trolleys and wheelie-bins are successfully addressed by the teams.  The Public Safety issues that are addressed during the day-to-day activities, include problems related to the …

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Glosderry News – an Update from GCID’s Manager

C3 notification 3

Recycling  IN a recent conversation with GCID manager Lennox Leyile, he was asked how Glosderry handled the issue of recycling. He replied that in Glosderry, businesses did their own recycling and any unwanted item in public spaces got bagged and collected by a truck from CCT.  “Any other item not collected by the council truck, we do a C3 Notification on, or it gets taken to the Council drop-off facility (i.e. the dumping site) …

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Geocentric Launches New App

Geocentric Reporting App 1

“As Geocentric we are very proud to launch our new mobile phone reporting application,” said Gene Lohrentz of the urban management company recently. “This is another way in which we are enabling our CID business and property owners to interact with their City Improvement District Management.  “We want our CID contributors to become part of our family by interacting …

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Urban Management Trolley Introduced


The Geocentric Urban Management Trolley Project was initiated in 2017.  The aim of the project is to provide urban cleaning and maintenance teams with a platform to improve their daily tasks, assist with moving of equipment and tools and enable recycling while performing their tasks.  A few design considerations were introduced into the design of …

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